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Desktop resolutions and Image dimensions

Your desktop screen resolution is the number of pixels your screen displays from left to right and top to bottom.

Everything you see on you computer screen is made up of a series of dots, known as pixels.

Common desktop / screen resolutions are:
800x600 (meaning 800 pixels wide by 600 pixels high)
and higher...

1280x1024 and higher are currently the most common, but some users with older computers are still viewing at 800x600.

A digital photo or image is made up of these pixels as well. Today's "megapixel" camera's tend to take photos at very high resolutions, such as 2560x2048 and even higher!

While those photos are great for printing, they present a problem for other people viewing your images through a web browser on a computer that is set to display lower resolutions.

If you have a photo that is 1280x1024, and a user tries to view it in a web browser on a computer set to 1024x768, one of two things will happen:

A) If the user has enabled "Automatic Image Resizing" in their web browser, it will shrink the image on the screen so that the user can see the whole image, BUT it will look slightly distorted or of poor quality to them.


B) If the user has disabled "Automatic Image Resizing" in their web browser, their screen will not fit the entire image and it will be difficult for them (in some cases impossible) for them to see the entire picture.

So what is a good solution to this problem?

The most practical solution is to resize your images before you use them on the Internet.

CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD FREE PHOTO RESIZER SOFTWARE that will make it easy for you to resize your images for the web.

The smaller the image, the faster it loads and less bandwidth it uses.

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